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Aug 1 Dresden Raceway pic 27

AUG 7, viagra order sick 2016 – It wAs a hot summer night in the mid-1980s at Dresden Raceway when Mark Williams reeled off five straight wins on his way to winning eight out of ten races.

That night at Dresden Raceway was just one of many magical nights in the ongoing career of the Cottam based harness driver that has seen ups and downs with many more victories than the 5, cialis 000 he has carded in the sulky.

Williams scored his 5, store 000th driving victory at Hiawatha Horse Park in Sarnia at the controls of CARDS THAT COUNT in 1:56.2 with legendary announcer Roger Huston at the mic for the call.

The 58-year-old tailsitter has banked over $22 million purses, including eight one million dollar seasons.

Williams is a fan favourite wherever he drives as he will say hello to fans who catch his eye and will on occasion give his whip to a young fan. His savvy knowledge of each mount as well as his respect for the history of the sport that was bestowed upon him by his father Stan Williams.

Williams got his start as a young teenager sitting in the jog cart as his allergies wouldn’t allow him to work in the barn so Stan put him in the job cart allowing him to still learn the business of harness racing while still working.

A regular at many local tracks in the summer including Dresden, Hiawatha, Hazel Park and Leamington Raceway where he carded seven wins in one night, the reinsman would also spend his winters at Windsor Raceway and some nights at London’s Western Fair Raceway.

Williams has driven for many trainers over the years including guiding GLOBAL ASSAULT in the Little Brown Jug for Bob McIntosh.

Trainer John Fraleigh said `Mark Williams will give an honest drive every time. He won`t hurt your horse but will do his best to give you a chance to win and if he doesn`t do well he will tell you why.`

There have been rough patches in Mark Williams career as horseman with several crashes including bouncing off a light standard at Hiawatha Horse Park, `those things are pretty solid, they don`t move when you hit them,` he joked.

Williams also had the battle of his life with substance abuse but won that battle with the help and support of his wife Teri and his family.

`I wouldn`t be anywhere without Teri and my family,` Wiliams said, adding that they have been by his side through thick and thin and they are the most important thing in my life.

Mark Williams not only does his on track duties as a trainer and driver but he is also a voice for the harness racing community as a director with OHHA and an active force behind the Lakeshore Horse Racing Association.

When you see Williams climb on the bike to compete he will always tip his cap to the judges stand in the first post parade out of respect not only to the sport but to those who came before him cutting a path in the sport of kings.

With the utmost class and respect for not only his sport but for all those who are part of the industry from owners to grooms, Mark Williams treats everyone the same because he is one of those kings.