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Please Contact Officials at Dresden Raceway through the following e-mails Racetrack Facilitator-Gary Patterson gary.patterson@dresdenraceway.ca Ag Society President Alicia Van Esse Alicia.vamesse@dresdenraceway.ca Promotions/Announcer Gary Patterson gary.patterson@dresdenraceway.ca Dresden Raceway Finance/Horseman’s Purse Distribution Becky Ramsay Dresden Ag Society Finance Becky Ramsay becky.ramsay@dresdenraceway.ca or dresdenraceway.bramsay@gmail.com General Information info@dresdenraceway.ca        

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     DRESDEN RACEWAY ADDS INCENTIVE TO ENTER HORSES  June 10, 2020 (DRESDEN) – Dresden Raceway has added an incentive for trainers to enter their horses at Dresden Raceway starting this Sunday. Dresden Raceway has partnered with After Hours Automotive in Sarnia to offer draws for every non-stakes overnight race that has at least seven […]

Online Tramadol Australia

DRESDEN RACEWAY RESULTS JUNE 7, 2020 RACE 1 – PACE $3,300 3 – TEAM LEADER             (M.ST.LOUIS)           8.80        4.00    2.10 1 – SPORTS ICON              (D.RANKIN)                              4.60    2.10 4 – SMILE IN STYLE            (T.BORTH)                                           2.10 EXACTOR 3-1 $24.80 TRIACTOR 3-1-4 $35.80 FRACTIONS 29, 58.4, 1:29.2, 2:02   RACE 2 – TROT $4,600 4 – AVUNCULAR             (T.BORTH)              4.60       […]