Review of Arctic Valor slot machine

Microgaming developers are known for creating some of the industry’s most rewarding bonus features and exciting gameplay.

Norse mythology comes to life in this game with four Valkyries waiting for you in a snowy landscape. If they like what you’ve done so far, then your bet can be multiplied by 100x for any three symbols in their skills! The icicles hanging from the top are also ready and waiting for USB cash prizes or even more wilds – and don’t forget those freebies. Everything about Arctic Valor feels perfect: its cinematic design; warming soundtracks that Gujarat uses in every aspect of the game.

Design and game symbols

Design and game symbols

We are in the house of the Northern Lights and the Valkyries. The game takes place on a snowy background, on the symbols of which animated snowflakes fly. Rising above it all are icicles that fall randomly like lace curtains, ready to separate this world from the next when they finally melt – which may be soon enough considering how cold the winters have been lately! There’s a lot here for those who love military stuff: four beautiful female warriors wear photo-realistic looks that also help them stand out from other deities/pirates we’ve encountered before… but most importantly, they give us outstanding awards.

The low pay category includes interesting red, blue, and purple symbols. They make up for the lack of value by frequently appearing on the reels to create winning combinations! The multicoloured snowflake is an additional scatter symbol that takes you into the freefall round, where it replaces all the main magnets but has unique abilities that make more wins possible when appropriately deployed during the game – so try to use them wisely.

Journey to the cold north

The north is a cold place with few people. But if you want to know your destiny, this frozen land may have what it takes! Our structure with 6 reels and 4 rows has up to 4000 different ways of lining up the symbols in any possible combination; bet values ​​start at a minimum of $0.15 – up to $150 per spin (or more!). We also offer “Any Related Payouts,” which means no matter how many times three matches match anywhere on the reels, they will always pay out one hundred credits each time.

With the spin button, you can control the number of spins on each line. The speed of this auto game varies, and it has an autoplay feature that allows players to set their chances of winning!

Random icicles for money and wild symbols

Win prizes with an icicle falling from above! POSITIONS on each reel will turn into rewards such as tons of money and wild symbols. Clicking on those sparkling dots unlocked additional features, including jackpots for big bankrollers looking to hit big this weekend or smaller amounts, but still, plenty of excitement when you least expect it – plus it’s free. So what are you waiting for?!

Up to 7 free bonuses with a set of Valkyries and other icicles

Land three or more colourful snowflakes on the reels to trigger the free games. You’ll earn seven spins with icicles falling during each spin, but things get even better when any of these stacked Valkyrie symbols appear! The appearance of the tile causes an avalanche that leaves behind both wilds and money, so keep an eye out for them as you play this slot machine at top speed until the time runs out.

Arctic Valor mobile game

Microgaming and Crazy Tooth Studio are now available on your phone! Most mobile casinos are just as enjoyable, if not more so than their desktop counterparts.

Want more Scandinavian themes?

Although there are other similar adventure games on the market, we would not hesitate to list them. Check out High 5 Games’ Valkyrie Queen for a sneak peek, or check out Barcrest’s latest slot game, Valkyrie Fire.

The magnificent and powerful Valkyrie Queen has 5 reels with 243 possible outcomes. Wild symbols are everywhere, as are free games you can win just by placing them on your screen! Stacked columns offer even more opportunities for you to take advantage and win big by playing strategically.

In the world of Valkyrie Fire, there is a Viking ship called Odin. This strange ship can be found anywhere on land or sea, but the most important thing for us players who love to play slot machines! In this comfortable gaming environment, there is our chance to win some free spins when expanding wilds frequently appear during those 10 minutes (or whatever time you choose).

Playable or not?

The slot contains incredible features, including rewarding falling icicles and free spin rounds with ice bridge icons. You can also get bonus prizes if your stack is high enough! At first glance, the RTP may seem low – it has been tested to get a rate close to or greater than 97%. And during these extra modes, where you are presented with several opportunities to win on each spin, such as performing certain rituals to win big, we noticed how much more alive the gameplay becomes.